The Top 5 Natural Nootropics of 2018

natural nootropics

Increase your brain health and strength using Natural Nootropics. These work!

There are many great brain-boosting supplements out there and it can easily be stated that the best brain-boosting supplements are those that are derived from natural sources.

Out of the many natural nootropics on the market, the best ones are the ones that have been supported by scientific research and have also shown actual results when consumers use them.

The top 5 natural nootropics that have been supported by evidence and consistently show real-life results are:


Ashwagandha is literally sweeping the natural health scene as more people have become aware of its incredibly useful properties.Ashwagandha is an adaptogen so it helps bring the body back to normal functioning levels and helps restore homeostasis.

Ashwagandha is not only great for boosting energy, stabilizing sperm count, and reducing anxiety, but it is also phenomenal for boosting cognitive performance. Ashwagandha can improve memory and also prevent further damage from occurring to the brain.

The key ingredient in ashwagandha is withanolide-A and it is responsible for the improvement in brain functioning.

2.Lions Mane

Lion’s mane is a mushroom that can be found in North America, Europe, and Asia and it is known for its many health benefits. Among its health benefits are the benefits it has for the brain. Studies have revealed that Lions Mane mushroom extract has the ability to increase neurite production in the brain.

Increasing the formation of neuronal extensions is great for cognitive performance because then signals are able to transfer through the brain more efficiently. It is important to note that though Lions Mane is able to help form neurites, it has not necessarily been proven to have neuroprotective properties.

3.The B Complex Vitamins

The B vitamins, especially the vitamins B6 and B12 are absolutely phenomenal at preventing brain degradation. Vitamin B deficiency is actually quite common in North America and therefore additional supplements should be taken along with a healthy diet to ensure that one is maximally benefitting from the brain protecting properties of these B complex vitamins.


Huperzine-A is not entirely natural, but it is derived from natural sources. Huperzine-A is derived from the Chinese moss plant and studies have revealed its potency in preventing cognitive decline and improving memory. Huperzine-A is very safe and has almost no side effects if taken in moderation.


L-theanine is naturally found in green tea and it is a very potent nootropic. Studies have shown that L-theanine is very effective in increasing alertness and awareness in the brain. L-theanine is able to relax the brain without causing sleepiness and drowsiness.

Nootropics are a tried and tested way to help improve cognitive function and prevent brain damage at the same time. Many people have chosen to settle with a brain that has begun to slow down or a mind that is constantly fogged over, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Consuming nootropics, especially NeuroActiv6 brain supplement from natural sources can help the brain start working properly again or at least reduce further brain damage.

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