5 Best Energy-Boosting Food

energy-boosting food

Want to feel energetic? Here is a list of energy-boosting foods that can help

Energy-boosting foods are vital on those lazy days commonly experienced by nearly everyone on the planet. It would actually be quiet difficult to come across someone who claims they have never felt fatigued or just downright lazy for no apparent reason.

The American diet is getting a lot of criticism nowadays and one of the criticism is that it makes people lazier and more prone to lethargy. This is not just a claim, it is actually backed by science.

Here are 5 energy-boosting foods that will be sure to have one up again in no time.


There actually is a reason behind why it’s been traditional to have eggs for breakfast for centuries now. Eggs are packed with energy and can give one the boost of power they need to get through the day. How exactly are eggs so great for boosting energy?

The amino acid leucine.

Leucine is found abundantly in eggs and it is known for its ability to boost energy levels. In fact, leucine is so energy boosting, it is recommended that individuals take leucine, or eat eggs during athletic training. When it comes to exercise, in particular, leucine plays a major role in helping muscles recover after exercise. Eggs are also great for boosting energy because they are high in proteins and B vitamins. B vitamins are essential for energy production.


Believe it or not, water is not only good for our skin and every organ of our body, but it also helps regulate energy. Studies have shown that even slight dehydration causes a loss in various types of activities, including cognitive and psychomotor performance. Water keeps all our organs going and keeps our blood flowing, therefore, it is absolutely essential in energy regulation.

3.Brown Rice

Brown rice may not taste as good as its artificially enhanced brother white rice, but it certainly packs a larger nutritional punch. The reason brown rice is so great at boosting energy levels is that it contains such high levels of manganese. Manganese is a mineral which helps the body produce energy by aiding in the breakdown of carbohydrates and proteins. Apart from the manganese, brown rice is also high in fibre and therefore helps your body regulate energy.


Naturally, coffee is an energy-boosting drink. Even the smell of coffee alone is enough to wake one up in the morning. What makes coffee so stimulating? It is the caffeine that is found in coffee.

Caffeine is so great at boosting energy because it can quickly pass into the brain and begin its work. Caffeine causes an increase of adenosine and in turn, the body responds with the release of epinephrine and that rushed feeling of energy gets activated.


The phrase ‘an apple a day, keeps the doctor away’, is certainly true, especially if one is frequenting their doctor in order to regain energy levels. Apples are packed with sugar. No, not the bad sugar, but rather, natural sugars. Alongside natural sugars, apples are also full of fibre and antioxidants. Antioxidants have the capability of slowing down energy release so it is not all consumed at once. Therefore, eating apples will not only give a temporary boost of energy but actually release energy regularly throughout the day.

Diet plays a large role in who we are and how we feel. Eating foods that release energy slowly and offer other nutritional benefits can help beat that feeling of fatigue and make us feel energetic throughout the day.

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