The Secret Of Vitamin B3


secret Of vitamin b3

Vitamins are an essential part of glowing skin. Here is a secret of vitamin B3 you may not know

We often hear about secret elixirs or secret remedies that can rectify all our problems, especially when it comes to staying young. Vitamin B3 may not be a secret elixir, but studies show that it could be the answer to living a long, healthy life.

 What is Vitamin B3?

 Vitamin B3, or niacin, is a part of the vitamin B complex. Being another member of the vitamin B complex, we can rest assured that it helps our skin and liver, however, that is not all that it does. Vitamin B3 also has more specialized functions. Vitamin B3 is great for balancing metabolism and cholesterol levels, it can be found in three forms:

  • Nicotinic acid
  • Niacinamide
  • Inositol Hexaniacinate.

Without getting into the technicalities, all of the three mentioned above are simply variations of vitamin B3. For instance, nicotinic acid and niacinamide are used interchangeably and have similar effects. However, due to their pharmacological difference, they do have different side effects.

Nicotinic acid often causes flushing of the face, but this effect is not seen with niacinamide. On the other hand, niacinamide can cause severe sweating, whereas this effect is not seen in other forms.

It is important to note that when treating conditions such as high cholesterol, nicotinic acid is always preferred. Since niacinamide is a derivative of nicotinic acid its effects are inhibited and it is not as effective as nicotine acid at lowering cholesterol.

What The Research Says

Studies show that niacin is great for treating skin problems such as acne vulgaris. Participants treated with niacin in a pilot study had a roughly 80% improvement in their acne after a course of 12 weeks. Niacin is able to improve the skin because of its ability to rectify lipid layers in the skin.

In another study, 5% niacinamide was administered to female subjects who had clear signs of photoaging. After 12 weeks of treatment, there was a significant improvement in their overall skin texture. Blotchiness, hyperpigmentation the appearance of wrinkles, and elasticity all improved during this 3-month treatment.

The Magic Of Vitamin B3

In order for your body to receive energy from niacin, an enzyme called sirtuin has to be activated. When sirtuin converts niacin into its usable form, it also administers other effects in the body. Sirtuin is actually able to restrict the expression of specific genes, particularly those genes related to aging.

Sirtuin can also work with niacin to imitate the restriction of calories in your body. Calorie restriction has been linked to longer and healthier lives.

Where can I get Vitamin B3?

Like all other vitamins, you can get vitamin B3 through taking vitamin tablets or preferably, through your diet. The top B3 containing foods are:

  • Turkey
  • Chicken Breast
  • Tuna
  • Peanuts
  • Mushrooms
  • Liver
  • Green Peas

So is B3 really the secret to a longer life? According to research findings, niacin certainly contains age-defying properties which means that it qualifies for being the 21st-century fountain of youth!

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