The Secret Of Vitamin B1

secret of vitamin b1

Here is a big secret of Vitamin B1 that will leave you surprised

We need vitamins to help our brain and body function optimally. Among the vast pool of vitamins, the vitamin B complex offers many benefits for our health. Vitamins in the B complex are required for healthy skin, liver, and eyes. Vitamin B1, in particular, is able to help against deficiency and also help when it comes to improving cognitive functioning.

What Is Vitamin B1?

Vitamin B1, also called thiamine, is a part of the vitamin B complex. It’s called vitamin B1 because it was the first member of the vitamin B complex to be discovered. Vitamin B1 was first synthesized by Robert Williams in 1936. However, the importance of vitamin B1 was suspected long before its discovery. In the 1800’s sailors in the Japanese Navy were dying unexpectedly by a condition called beriberi.

Doctors presumed it was due to the sailors’ diets, which consisted of plain white rice. This actually turned out to be the case. White rice has the bran stripped from it so it does not contain thiamine. Now, when individuals suffering from beriberi receive sufficient amounts of thiamine they are able to recover their health quite easily.

The Studies on Vitamin B1

 There have been many studies linking thiamine with better health. In one particular study, 107 subjects who suffered from alcohol addiction were tested on working memory tasks after being given different doses of thiamine. The results revealed that individuals given higher dosages of thiamine had the best working memory.

In another study, twelve patients who suffered from physiological disorders, including chronic fatigue, were given daily doses of thiamine as a treatment.

20 days after the treatment was initiated, chronic fatigue levels were measured again and the results were astonishing. 10 of the patients had a complete improvement in fatigue. The remaining 2 patients reported an almost complete recovery.

Not only can thiamine help improve memory and decrease fatigue but multiple studies have shown the potential of thiamine for treating diseases related to the heart. Research shows that heart patients are commonly deficient in thiamine. Administering thiamine improves cardiac functioning and alleviates other symptoms of heart failure.

 Vitamin B1 Works Secretly

The silent ability of thiamine to help your body make fuel is most probably what makes it great at curing cases of fatigue and heart failure. The ability of thiamine to improve working memory can be explained because not only does thiamine help your body absorb nutrients. it has cognitive benefits as well.

Thiamine is actually able to produce a layer around neurons (called myelin) to protect them from any form of damage and improve the conductance of neuronal messages.

Vitamin B1 or thiamine is a coenzyme which metabolizes food for energy. Thiamine also converts the nutrients you receive from food into ATP. ATP is then used to fuel your mitochondria, and essentially keep your body functioning normally.

Vitamin B1 is a very useful vitamin that helps your body absorb nutrients and also helps protect your brain from damage. It has a short half-life which essentially means that we need a continuous supply from our diets in order to benefit from this vitamin.

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