How Your Diet Can Cause Insomnia

diet can cause of insomniaDo you suffer from insomnia? Learn how your diet can cause insomnia

Not being able to sleep at night or getting up consistently during the night can cause severe disruptions in a persons daily routine. Not being able to sleep; otherwise known as insomnia, is a sleep disorder which can have a whole host of causes.

Lifestyle is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to causing insomnia. Studies have revealed that a person’s lifestyle, especially their diet, can have a significant impact on their sleep quality.

Some foods like bananas are beneficial for sleep. Bananas can be considered a sleep super food because they contain multiple elements which are essential for getting to sleep on time.

Bananas contain potassium and magnesium. Both potassium and magnesium help relax muscles in the body. Naturally, when one has relaxed muscles they are able to fall asleep more easily.

Bananas also contain amino acids which play a role in the regulation of melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone which manages sleep cycles in the brain and therefore consuming bananas helps regulate sleep quite effectively.

There are multiple types of food and drinks that people should avoid in order to get a good nights rest.

1.Carbohydrate imbalance

Consuming too many carbs or too few carbs can cause irregular sleep patterns. Some studies revealed that consuming a diet rich in carbs caused disturbances in sleep, especially during the REM phase of sleep. Other studies found that consuming a diet rich in carbs caused excessive sleepiness. This excessive sleepiness can be explained because carbs cause insulin spikes and insulin causes drowsiness. Whatever the case is, consuming too much or too fewer carbs can easily mess up sleep patterns so it is important to take carbs at moderate levels.

2.Energy drinks

Consuming energy drinks also significantly imbalances sleep patterns. Though energy drinks definitely have their benefits, consuming them regularly causes insomnia and anxiety. Synthetic energy drinks are full of sugars, carbohydrates, and caffeine, all of which work together to pretty much wreak havoc in the body. Trying a natural supplement drink to boost energy is a perfect alternative which will provide all the benefits without any side effects.

3.Protein Imbalance

Much like carbohydrate imbalance, protein imbalances can also significantly disturb sleep patterns. Protein is essential for sleep because protein helps control the body’s energy consumption pattern. If there is not enough protein in the body, the body will try to burn carbohydrates and sugars instead. Burning carbs and sugars for fuel instead of fat will cause the body to wake up every few hours because carbs and sugars burn very fast.

It is extremely important to eat a balanced diet in order to be able to sleep properly at night. Not being able to sleep well causes disruptions during the daytime as well and can ruin a person social and academic life.

Consuming a diet with moderate levels of carbs and proteins such as  NeuroActiv6 while staying away from energy drinks are great ways to avoid falling into the cycle of insomnia.

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