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how are antioxidants good for health

Here’s what experts have to say about how are antioxidants good for health – don’t miss out

Antioxidant has become a buzzword in the recent past. But what is it really? A substance that neutralizes free radicals (unstable molecules)  in the body is known as an antioxidant.  Free radicals are not bad for your body, specifically. And they play an important role such as assisting in cell division. 

Free radicals are also responsible for fighting against infections. However, excessive growth of free radicals in your body cause problems. By damaging cells, they may cause heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure. 

Antioxidants, on the other hand, keep the free radicals balanced. Antioxidants are of a broad spectrum, and each type has its benefits. Some of the most well-known and most commonly used antioxidants are Vitamin C, E, and A. 

What Causes the Increase of Free Radicals

Many activities in our fast-paced lives, which we may deem normal, may cause a disadvantage to our health. As our body requires a balanced amount of free radicals and antioxidants, some factors may put this off-balance. The following are reasons that may cause an increase in free radicals in our bodies. 

  • Smoking cigarettes/ cigarette smoke. 
  • Air pollution 
  • Alcohol 
  • High blood sugar levels 
  • Toxins 
  • Excessive consumption of polyunsaturated fatty acids 
  • Excessive sunbathing 
  • Exposure to radiation 
  • Increase or decrease of oxygen in the body 
  • High intake of copper, zinc, magnesium, iron 
  • Excessive exercise causing tissue damage 
  • Antioxidant deficiency 
  • Excessive antioxidants 

Advantages of Antioxidants 

Enlisted below are some ways in which antioxidants can benefit health. 

  • Preventing cancer – Some of the damage caused by free radicals can be reduced with antioxidants. However, research is yet to be done about whether or not the number of antioxidants in our everyday diet is sufficient or not. 
  • Improving vision – Age-Related Macular Degeneration, aka AMD, causes loss of sight around the age of 60. The use of antioxidants reduces your chance of vision loss caused by AMD by up to 25%. And it also helps patients who already suffer from AMD to help regain their vision. Antioxidants can also reduce the chances of cataracts and also help in recovery. 
  • Assisting heart health – People who eat antioxidant-enriched food have a lower risk of heart diseases. 

Things to be careful about 

Whether you should have antioxidants supplements should always be discussed with your doctor. Supplements have more concentrated amounts of antioxidants. Therefore they should be taken in the right quantity. Moreover, there is a chance that they could also react to your current medication. 

Excessive vitamin E can increase the chances of strokes and prostate cancer. Beta-carotene, along with smoking, can increase the chances of lung cancer. Other such fatal combinations should be avoided, and your doctor would be the one to best know about you, your health, and the medications you should be taking. 

Types of Antioxidants and Where You Can Find Them

Different types of antioxidants come in a variety of foods. Take a look at the list below: 

    • Beta-carotene – Sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, apricots, pumpkin 
    • Lutein + Beta-carotene – Collard beans, spinach, kale 
    • Lycopene –  Papaya, Watermelon, pink grapefruit, tomatoes. 
    • Vitamin A – Liver, milk, carrots, egg yolks, sweet potatoes
    • Vitamin C – Beef, poultry, fish, come cereals. 
    • Vitamin E – Mangoes, broccoli, corn oil, safflower oil, soybean oil 

Other foods such as herbs and spices also make it to the list. Moreover, plant-based foods have higher levels of antioxidants. Blackberries, wild strawberries, and cranberries are the highest antioxidant containing foods. 

Antioxidants Can Change Your Life – Use Them Wisely

It is ideal for you to avoid any stress, lifestyle, or environmental factors that may disrupt the free radicals. Also, control your intake of antioxidants to keep your health in its best condition. 

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