Chocolate Is A Powerful Brain Booster

chocolate is a powerful brain boosterChocolate is a powerful brain booster. Learn how it can improve your brain health

Chocolate is one of the most consumed substances on earth. Sitting near the top of that list with coffee, the two provide a tasteful and beneficial culinary pass-time. Sure, too much of anything is bad idea, chocolate is no exception to this rule, but in the right amounts, it can provide a huge boost to cognitive capacities and mental health.

While there are an abundance of new studies turning up with regard to chocolate, the most common reasons for consuming it are simply because it tastes good, and also because it can pick our mood up. Negative events are ripe for some indulgence, and there’s a good reason why we choose chocolate. New research, in addition to this, finds that people that consumed more chocolate also did better on cognitive tasks:

“We don’t know if people are going to get smarter,” Elias, a psychologist and epidemiologist, said from his office on the Orono campus. “What we found out is that people who ate chocolate performed better [on cognitive functions] than people who did not.”

The study, directed by Elias, tracked more than 1,000 people over 35 years and looked specifically at chocolate consumption’s effect on visual-spatial memory and organization, working memory, abstract verbal reasoning, scanning and tracking and overall cognitive functioning.

“We did not follow cognitive function over time and see any rise in intelligence,” he said. “What we did find was that people who ate chocolate on a regular basis performed better on cognitive functions than people who did not.”

Chocolate is an old substance engrained throughout our history. While sugar has been a more recent addition, our love of chocolate dates back thousands of years, which makes these particular health benefits a little less-surprising—but no less important. Check out the full post for more details.

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