5 Hidden Causes Of Anxiety – Beat It With These Easy Methods

hidden causes of anxiety in healthy adults

Do you suffer from frequent anxiety? Beat it by learning these hidden causes of anxiety

Anxiety is a very common mental disorder and it has taken over the lives of many people across the globe. Anxiety is a mental disorder in which individuals suffer from feeling tense and on the verge of panic throughout the day. One of the biggest symptoms of anxiety is that individuals constantly feel uneasy about the outcome of their actions and feel extremely uncertain about trying anything new.

If you have an increased heart rate, tense muscles and trembling hands throughout most of your day then you most likely suffer from anxiety.

There are many factors that can cause people to develop anxiety. Here are the top 5.


Stress is a major cause of anxiety. Stress is your body’s way of responding to a threatening event that happens during the day. Anxiety is a side effect of this response. Your body increases its heart rate and tenses muscles in order to prepare you to fight against the stressor. Reducing the stress in your life is absolutely vital if you want to get rid of your anxiety.

Many people feel especially stressed and develop anxiety when they have a test, exam, or when some big event is coming up. It is important not to let yourself get caught up in the tension.

Taking hot showers, reading your favorite novels or exercising are great ways to get rid of stress and anxiety. Find the one activity that calms you down most and make sure to make time on your schedule to carry it out regularly.

2. Bad Relationships

Being in a bad relationship can cause anxiety because once again, it causes stress. Bad relationships are highly stressful and constantly being exposed to stress can make your body feel like you are under attack and anxiety will result.

3. Underlying Medical Diseases

Underlying medical diseases such as heart diseases, panic disorder, and depression are common causes of anxiety as well. When the body is in danger then it can make you feel stressed out and create anxiety.

4.Financial Difficulties

Once again, having financial difficulties can stress you out badly and create anxiety. Not only do financial difficulties stress you out, but they also make you feel uncertain about your future. Since feeling uncertain and fearing the future is a major part of anxiety, this can make your symptoms dramatically worse.

5. Medication

Some medications also have the symptoms of anxiety as a side effect. Make sure to talk with your doctor about whether your medications may be making you feel overly anxious.

Anxiety comes in different levels, and those people who suffer from severe anxiety find their life to be very limiting. Anxiety is restricting because doing simple things like going to the grocery store or talking on the phone can become laborious and difficult. When one feels constantly uncertain of their future then everything feels threatening.

Getting rid of stress, fixing relationships, treating underlying medical diseases, and switching your medication can do a lot to reduce your anxiety and make you feel calm and confident again. The main factor to focus on when looking to reduce anxiety is how much stress you have in your life. Since anxiety is produced by stress, reducing the stress can make your anxiety a problem of the past.

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