5 Foods To Never Eat If You Have MS


Foods bad for MS

MS is an autoimmune disease in which a person’s immune system attacks their central nervous system. Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure for Multiple sclerosis. There also isn’t any form of MS diet that has been officially legislated. However, there are many foods that one can avoid in order to decrease the negative side effects of MS.


As usual, sugar is one of the top items on a things-to-avoid list.  Avoiding sugar will aid in bettering one’s health if they are suffering from MS. How does sugar worsen the symptoms of MS? No direct relation has been found between MS and sugar, but eating a lot of sugar does cause one to gain weight.

Weight gain is very harmful to patients with MS because MS already causes problems with movement in the first place. Being overweight can add to these symptoms and make them much worse, therefore sugar should be avoided as much as possible.

2)Diet Drinks

Carbonated drinks are also a potential item one should consider discarding from their diet in order to get healthier. The aspartame in carbonated drinks is potentially dangerous for MS patients because it can damage the bladder. MS patients generally already suffer from bladder issues so drinking carbonated drinks can exasperate the problem.

Of course, not only carbonated drinks contain aspartame so all foods that contain aspartame should be avoided as much as possible.


Alcohol is particularly bad for individuals who suffer from MS because Alcohol is a renowned central nervous system depressant. Patients with MS are already suffering from nervous system depression.

In patients with MS, their immune system is attacking their central nervous system, so if alcohol is added to that mix then nervous system impairment will be almost immediate.


Studies have consistently linked MS disease with gluten intolerance. Since many individuals who suffer from MS also suffer from gluten intolerance, it is best to avoid gluten and see if that makes a difference in one’s overall health.


According to OMS (Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis) dairy should be refrained from as much as possible if one is trying to recover from the symptoms of Multiple schlerosis. Dairy can disturb MS patients because consuming milk can awaken the wrong immune cells and studies have found that dairy can cause lesions in the nervous system.

If one chooses to refrain from dairy, it is best that they take vitamin D supplements and also ensure they get calcium from other sources. It is very important to have an inclusive diet which includes all food groups. However,  in the case of MS, dairy can be damaging to one’s health. There are many alternatives available in the market that can give the same nutritional benefits of dairy without the harm.

MS can be a painful disease and avoiding the above list of foods may make it seem more emotionally painful. However, the reality is that eating healthy, benefits every one of us whether we suffer from a disease or not. So make the most of life and take MS as an excuse to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.